We manage your rental lifecycle



101LEASE facilitates your rental lifecycle, takes away day-to-day nuances of tenant and property management for a fee. We make leasing your property a pleasant business experience.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

We take care of it for you. You can check your property and rental status right from your dashboard

Optimize Rent

Optimize Rent

We continuously analyze the market and rental trends to optimize rental price and enhance your property’s value

Great Tenants

Great Tenants

Our matchmaking technology finds and place right tenant in your property

Efficient Property Management

Efficient Property Management

We bring technology and experience together to offer complete management services

How it Works?


101LEASE signs an AMC agreement with you (the Owner)

right tenant

101LEASE finds the right tenant for you


Tenant completes rental agreement formalities


101LEASE takes care of all service related queries from tenant


101LEASE collects rent from tenant and deposits it the owners bank account after deducting the agreed fee


101LEASE facilitates services to tenant on behalf of the owner


101LEASE facilitates renewal of agreement or initiates property vacation process in case tenant wants to move out


Property Rent out

  • Advertise, list, market and promote the Scheduled Property through its website, mobile app and other channels
  • Matchmaking and prospect filtering
  • Answer queries to prospective tenants
  • Property tour

Tenant management

  • Accept Rental Applications and Documents
  • Verification of documents with Property-Owner
  • Collect monthly rent from tenants and deposit in the bank account of Property-Owner
  • Assist in tenant move-in and assist in fixing or repairing required in the house.
  • Inspect Scheduled Property periodically after tenant moves-in.
  • Inspect Scheduled Property at the time when tenant moves-out


  • Prepare and execute lease agreement between Property-Owner and tenant(s)
  • Affix stamp papers
  • Get signatures of all parties
  • Notarize
  • Police Verification
  • Online storage of agreements

Rent Collection

  • Collect rents from tenant when due
  • Maintain rent collection record
  • Serve late rent and rent increase notice to tenants
  • Transfer and deposit of rent to Property-Owner bank account

Reporting and Tracking

  • Record of rent collection, bill payments etc shown on dashboard
  • Records of documents on dashboard
  • Facility to raise problem ticket

Try 101Lease for your Property

101Lease works for every rental property. Its easy.

  • Partner with a dedicated property manager who will make sure you get the most from your property.
  • Engaging is easy. We take care of everything
    for you.
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Q: What benefits does the owner get entering into AMC agreement?

A: 101LEASE’s AMC (Asset Management) services are particularly suitable to those owners who want to stay free from the nuances of managing property and tenants. Services listed above are repetitive in nature and need to be handled in time, with quality. Essentially, you would have hired 101LEASE services, payable only through the receipt of rent from tenant.

Q: Do I really not have to pay to buy your services?

A: Under AMC agreement, you pay our fee only when you receive rent from tenant. There is no signup amount payment required upfront. You pay our service fee only when you benefit from it.

Q: How is monthly fee better than one-time fee?

A: Traditionally, brokers charge one-time fee to find tenant for your property, typically without any expectation of services from them afterwards. There is clearly a conflict of interest because owners are receiving end of the cycle. What if the tenant moves out before the end of tenure?
Monthly arrangement aligns with the interest of owner. Owner pays fee only when the property is earning rent. Thus, even if the tenant moves out, owner would not incur loss because of prepayment. Moreover, it will be in 101LEASE’s interest to lease out property quickly in order to earn its fee (101LEASE can do it because of its technology platform). In other words, monthly fee arrangement is highly effective and profitable for you.

Q: Can owner find a tenant? Will the owner still need to pay fee? Why?

A: Yes. Owner can find a tenant. 101LEASE manages the rental lifecycle of your property and offers service as listed above. Finding a tenant is just one part of service. Therefore, owner stands to benefit from 101LEASE even if it is able to find tenant. Owner needs to pay fee in this case as well.

Q: What is matchmaking technology of 101LEASE?

A: 101LEASE is also an aggregation platform attracting both owners and tenants. Due to in house technology support, 101LEASE has numerous options and parameters to play with that can be highly useful to owners and tenants. Matchmaking is one such technology that identifies right candidates, which can not only find a suitable tenant for an owner, but also forge a long-term relation.

Q: Can I really get lifetime service from 101LEASE?

A: With technology support and huge ever-growing base of both owners and tenants, 101LEASE has the capability of finding the right match at any point of time. This will not only save you time but also improve your rental income. Our lifetime association will be profitable and pleasant.

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